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Crowdfund Insider: The Security Token Sale is Now Open: VRBex Announces Compliant Cryptocurrency Exchange and Initial Coin Offering

VRBex Inc., a new cryptocurrency exchange that is being led by former BBVA bankers, has announced an initial coin offering that is kicking off today. VRBEX said it will operate an exchange and security-token trading platform, along with storage and payments in cryptocurrency. The VRBex platform will initially provide


Tech Startups: Cryptocurrency Startup VRBex is Launching U.S. Regulatory Compliant Cryptocurrency and Security Token Exchange

One of the challenges facing cryptocurrency investors is finding safe cryptocurrency that meets complex government financial regulations. Headlines are filled with  U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) hunting for fraudulent initial coin offerings (ICOs). Late last year, SEC issued a statement about …

Our Team

Gene Grant

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Grant has a twenty-eight year career in financial services and a lifelong entrepreneurial edge. Most recently a Managing Director at the global bank BBVA, Gene has balanced a career that included senior roles at global banks, seven years as a senior member of a specialist derivatives consultancy, and a period as a floor trader on the New York Futures Exchange. As an entrepreneur, Gene started his first business at the age of 14, received a patent at 21, and at 29 he founded and listed an early stage company on the AIM division of the London Stock Exchange.

His private equity projects included a financial services consultancy and an award-winning luxury goods retail store. Within his professional career, Gene has lived in 3 continents, 6 cities, and has led globally dispersed teams. Gene has the Series 24, 4, 7, and 66, and was registered as a Commodity Pool Operator and Floor Broker. Gene worked permanent and consulting assignments at firms including Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, UBS, Standard Chartered Bank, ANZ bank, PIMCO, and BBVA. Prior to starting in financial services he attended the doctorate program in Finance at New York University Stern School of Business and received the Bachelor of Science from the University of Manitoba.

Portrait of Gene Grant, CEO of VRBex Inc

David Powell

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Powell has over thirty years working in financial services and has participated in multiple company start-ups as well as the merger and integration of numerous acquired financial institutions during the span of his career. One of his most recent roles was as Executive Committee Member of BBVA Compass Bank ($86 billion in assets and 31st largest bank in the US) and Co-Head of the US Corporate & Investment Bank Division.

His responsibilities included managerial, legal and regulatory oversight for all corporate and investment banking operations of the BBVA Group in the US, including the BBVA New York Branch, BBVA Broker Dealer and BBVA Compass Bank. During his time at BBVA Compass, he was deeply involved in the review and implementation of multiple regulatory and operational risk remediation action plans. Prior to moving to BBVA Compass Bank, Mr. Powell was Executive Committee Member and Head of Global Client Coverage & Corporate Banking for BBVA Bancomer (the largest bank in Mexico). His background includes extensive experience building, managing and integrating client management and product platforms in the US and emerging markets. Prior to joining the BBVA Group, he also worked at UBS and the Irving Trust Company. Most recently, he co-founded and is an advisor of a leasing company based in Mexico City. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He also was awarded a "Certificat d'Etudes Politiques" from Science Po Aix-en-Provence (France).

Portrait of David Powell, Cheif Operating Officer

Chuck Ocheret

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Ocheret is a 30+ year veteran of software engineering in the finance, multimedia, and scientific industries. He has been recruited into numerous organizations to bring about massive culture change around high bandwidth computing, agile infrastructure, and software development methodologies.

Most recently Mr. Ocheret was Chief Innovation Officer at NEX Optimisation where he led efforts integrating cutting-edge Cloud, Distributed Ledger, and Machine Learning technologies in order to achieve vastly improved efficiencies across the entire trade lifecycle for multiple asset classes. Mr. Ocheret has presented about DLT in Financial Services to the US House Committee on Agriculture and is serving on the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission Technical Advisory Committee.

Mr. Ocheret has run technology, architecture, and development at tier one Hedge Funds and Investment Banks where he has held front-to-back responsibility for Algorithmic Trading, Program Trading, Index and Statistical Arbitrage, Automated Market Making, Order and Execution Management, Trade Warehouses, Research Platforms, and Client and Market Connectivity for some of the most successful and highest volume trading operations in the world.

Mr. Ocheret holds a B.E.S. in BioMedical Engineering and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University. In his spare time, he plays guitar, hacks computer graphics, and maintains an active black belt in Chinese Internal Martial Arts.

Portrait of Chuck Ocheret, CTO of VRBex, Inc.

F. Stephen Helmholz

Operations Manager

A former co-founder and Director of Operations of a startup company listed on the AIM division of the London Stock Exchange, Mr. Helmholz has spent thirty-seven years working within financial services and banking.

His early career included fifteen years on the floor of the CME in Chicago acting as a currency broker and in Foreign Exchange arbitrage. After leaving the floor of the CME, Mr. Helmholz spent the next three years opening and managing various 24-hour FX trading desks servicing professional and private traders globally. After moving away from the FX arena Mr. Helmholz leveraged his experience in financial markets/exchanges and worked as a Senior Consultant upgrading derivative technology, risk and trading operation software at global firms including Deutsche Bank, JPM Chase Bank, Citigroup London, Standard Chartered Bank SG, and ANZ.

Portrait of F. Stephen Helmholz, Operations Manager of VRBex Inc

Stephen Redler

Finance and Operations

Mr. Redler has a twenty-eight year career in financial services working at specialty derivatives consultancies and investment banks in five countries over three continents.

He has worked in risk, valuations, technology and regulatory roles at top investment banks including Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Nomura, BBVA and Standard Chartered. As a Managing Director for consultancies, he had the responsibility to manage several significant risk and regulatory projects. Mr. Redler's latest role is as Head of Finance with a promising startup technology firm that is in the process of receiving a patent for its product and has received a grant from Microsoft. He holds a Master of Finance from Suffolk University.

Portrait of Stephen Redler, Finance and Operations of VRBex Inc

Earl Powell

Security and Talent Management

Mr. Powell is a thirty-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency. Most recently he served as Deputy Director of Office of Mission Integration in the Directorate of Support, where he delivered multi-disciplinary services supporting global mission requirements.

His various roles entailed analyzing mission need, driving organizational change and developing agency-wide strategies integrating security, facility management, IT, supply chain, financial and human resource support. This included the development and rollout of enterprise-administrative applications, which permitted the centralization of management information and resulted in significant operational efficiencies. Mr. Powell was a member of the CIA‘s Management Control Committee, which provided senior executive leadership and oversight of the Agency‘s internal controls program (SOX equivalent) and management of financial reporting requirements. He also acted in various capacities as the lead representative of the intelligence community to other US Government agencies for issues concerning global security programs. He spent over twenty years as a security officer managing and leading global facility security services, which included the development and implementation of risk-based security plans for the protection of assets and information.

Portrait of Earl Powell, Security and Human Resource Management

Hal Hoodwin

Marketing and Customer Relations

Mr. Hoodwin‘s passion is bridging communication gaps with customers and internal teams.

Customer service is just a way of life for him. His twenty-four year background as a residential mortgage branch manager, seminar instructor, and real estate investor has taught him the skills to evolve in the ever-changing landscape of CRM and customer communication technology platforms necessary to exceed customer and company expectations.

Portrait of Hal Hoodwin, Marketing and Customer RElations of VRBex Inc


Sanjay Vithlani

Managing Partner, Marquis Business and Technology Solutions

Mr. Vithlani's career spans twenty-five years in investment banking and financial services.

He started his career in London where he worked with major financial institutions including Barclays, WestLB and NatWest Bank and more recently in the USA for market leaders including Merrill Lynch, Societe General, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Northern Trust and HSBC. He has an in-depth understanding of derivative products and extensive experience in trading applications, risk management and operational processes. Mr Vithlani’s passion for technology has lead him to implementing state of the art solutions to streamline and modernize trading operations. Mr Vithlani holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Bradford University (UK) and a MSc in Computer Science from University College London.

Portrait of Sanjay Vithlani, Managing Partner, Marquis Business and Technology Solutions

Russell A. Miles

Lecturer in Decision Sciences at the Peter T Paul College of Business and Economics - University of New Hampshire

Mr. Miles has twenty-five plus years of experience working in operations and supply chain management at leading companies such as GE, Lockheed-Martin, Honeywell, Exelon, and Citibank.

He was featured in Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine as a "Pro to Know" for being an early-adopter of internet-based systems used to manage supplier relationships and sourcing engagements. He is currently a full-time faculty member at the University of New Hampshire where his focus has been on connecting teams of business students with companies to work on "real-world" capstone projects. Outside of the classroom, Mr. Miles has most recently been working with a consumer electronics company on developing innovative new products for the baby care market and providing strategic guidance to several promising start-ups in the technology space. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from the University of New Hampshire.

Portrait of Russel A Miles, Lecturer in Decision Sciences at the Peter T Paul College of Business and Economics - University of New Hampshire

Kris Bennett

The Blockchain Beard Guy

Kris Bennett is excited about Web 3.0 and he wants you to be as well! Over the past twenty years we’ve watched as the internet has democratized content distribution and social intearaction. Now we’re poised to watch the same transformation in the worlds of commerce and consumer-to-consumer business models.

Kris comes from a 20 year background in custom software design, delivery, and consulting. He’s seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to addressing human behavioral patterns with emerging technology. Kris is facinated by the intersection of people and technology, and the implications that emerging technologies present for the way communicate, interact, and experience life.

“Technology by itself is stale, useless, and boring. Technology combined with people is insightful, dynamic, and revolutionary!”
Portrait of Kris Bennett, The Blockchain Beard Guy

Thomas Shivers

Cofounder of World Crypto Con

Thomas was first introduced to trading in 2012 with a custodial trading account. Soon after he began investing in Bitcoin.

Since then Thomas has begun advising Blockchain companies, specifically helping them with tokenomic structure. He works as a business analyst at Influence Logic, where he performs diligence checks on potential clients. Additionally, he has amassed a vast Cryptocurrency network through his work in syndicate groups.

Portrait of Thomas Shivers, Cofounder of World Crypto Con